About the exhibition

Letitia Fraser is an emerging Black female Nova Scotian artist who uses collage, quilting and figurative painting to create portraits of members of her family and of her community. She explores archives, biography, and memory, as well as representation and affiliation. Her work addresses what it means to be from a particular place with a very distinct history and sets out to document, preserve, and make known that collective past.

This exhibition features portraits by Fraser that incorporate remnants of fabric, drawing inspiration from the quilting traditions of her family and her community. The knowing intimacy of these portrayals of members of her immediate community celebrate the figures not only as individuals but also renders them as important parts of a shared past.

Her images make visible the intensity, dignity, and fearlessness with which she asserts the vibrant presence and strength of the individuals and their community. Fraser depicts her subjects with warm respect, empathy, and with a sense of their complex interior lives.

A short film by acclaimed film director David Hartman will accompany the exhibition and explore Fraser’s stories, her practice, the people, and places from which she draws inspiration.

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